Saturday, 28 June 2008

Praxis Attended UNHCR Annual NGO Consultations in Geneva




Praxis was invited to attend and take active part in the UNHCR Annual NGO Consultations, held in Geneva, Switzerland, between 25th and 27th June 2008. Praxis attended the Consultations and participated as a speaker in the Thematic Session entitled “Improving Protection and Assistance to IDPs in Host Communities and Urban Areas.”

The aim of the session was to give an answer to the question whether IDPs and affected populations located in camps get better protection and assistance than those with host communities or in urban settings and to better evaluate the challenges involved in accessing and supporting these displaced persons in need of protection and assistance. The panel discussion was based on the fact that non-camp like settings often make it challenging for humanitarian organizations and the government to identify IDPs, determine their specific needs and deliver timely protection and assistance. As a result, these IDPs may have limited or no access to protection and assistance services, and may also not benefit from durable solution interventions. 

The panel speakers were expected to shed light on the difficulties in identifying and responding to the needs of IDPs in host families and urban areas, and share best practices of their organizations by describing tools and examples in providing effective protection and assistance to these communities.

As one of the speakers, Praxis’ Executive Director Ivanka Kostic gave a presentation to the members of the panel discussion on providing protection and assistance to IDPs in non-camp like settings, by explaining how IDPs are accessed and detected and in what way timely and effective assistance is provided. Ms Kostic gave an overview of Praxis methodology and experience in the matter, related to dissemination of information, outreach through field visits, cooperation with relevant stakeholder, as well as the quality and relevance of assistance provided and the challenges and operational difficulties.  

Read more on the Annual Consultation with NGOs at UNHCR official web site.

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