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Protection Monitoring Report 15 Aug - 15 Sep 2016

After the completion of the ECHO-funded project that we implemented in partnership with Norwegian Refugee Council at the end of July 2016, on 15 August 2016, Praxis started implementing the Project “Protection Monitoring and Assistance to Refugees and Asylum seekers in Belgrade”, funded by the Save the Children International in Serbia. We have been back in the field in Belgrade since 22 August 2016, providing information to refugees in Belgrade, protection by presence, identification of vulnerable cases and referrals to other agencies for targeted assistance. We are also doing protection monitoring of the situation in the field and advocating for addressing identified protection gaps. 

The number of refugees and migrants present daily in Belgrade parks near the Bus Station ranged from 400 to over 700 persons and was constantly rising. Given the fact that the capacities of the asylum centres (AC), refugee aid points (RAP) and one-stop centres in Serbia have nearly reached their maximum, what is concerning is the fact that around 300 people sleep out in the open, at parking lots, ruined barracks, on the streets, which might pose a serious humanitarian concern given the upcoming winter.

In the reporting period, Praxis provided a total of 2,396 refugees with timely and adequate information. Out of this number, 1284 persons, nearly 54% of all informed refugees, were from Afghanistan (701 adults and 583 children), with an increase of Afghan families arriving. A total of 299 beneficiaries we served (12.5%) were from Syria, 134 from Iraq (5.6%), 167 from Pakistan (nearly 7%), while 135 beneficiaries (5.6%) from other countries, including Iran, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Uzbekistan, etc. Out of the total number of served beneficiaries, Praxis provided information to a total of 120 unaccompanied and separated children (UASC), 84% of them being from Afghanistan, and the rest from Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, etc. In the same period, Praxis identified 618 vulnerable refugees and referred them to other organizations for targeted assistance, mainly for food, NFIs, accommodation, transportation, medical assistance, registration, legal assistance, AVR, and followed up on the cases when possible.

Download the Report here.

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