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Friday, 17 June 2016

Whom We Met

Student from Syria who applied for her last exam, and the next day found out that her faculty no longer existed.

A man from Somalia, who left his village for the first time after 60 years, and last winter, in Bulgaria, for the first time he saw snow.

Young Afghan banker, who does not want to get married, "even though it’s about time", and dreams of becoming a successful businessman.

Fourteen-year-old girl from Syria who will always remember Macedonia for having heard of a wild pig for the first time.

IT engineer from Afghanistan, who no longer plans to work as an engineer in Germany, but wants to join a humanitarian organization and help people in need.

Ten-year-old boy, who was sent by his parents on the journey with an older cousin, to arrive somewhere where "he may succeed", and when he does, he’ll bring his younger sister around, to whom he promised that he would  always take care of.


Who do we meet?

We meet people, people like us.

People who, one day, returning from work, school, or walk, found ruins instead of their homes. And who have been making decision ever since, decisions which are life-saving or life-ending.  

We met Mohammed, who has several nicknames, but his name is not Refugee.

Abdul, Zaida, Dawud, Zubauda, now all called Refugees.

We met people. In every and in no way different. People who, just like us, wonder what is right and wrong, how to educate their children, how to help a friend in need; people who are fighting for the future of their families and children. And who, at this moment, need our support.

For more information, see: Whom We Met

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Praxis means action
Praxis means action
Praxis means action
Praxis means action