Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Annual Awards for Fight against Discrimination for 2014 Granted

Today, on 21 April 2015, the awards for fight against discrimination were garnted by the Coalition against Discrimination in Media Centre in Belgrade.

The Coalition against Discrimination established the “Annual Award for Fight against Discrimination” as the recognition granted to individuals, organizations, institutions, companies and media, which have invested the greatest effort to combat discrimination against minority and marginalized groups or have contributed to the enhancement of equality of all citizens in Serbia over the past year. The members of the Coalition against Discrimination decide of the winners of awards, based on the proposal submitted by individuals and organizations by the end of 2014.

“Awards for fight against discrimination” have been granted for outstanding contribution to the fight against discrimination in Serbia since 2008, in five categories:

  • Public authority (institutions of public authority, MPs, officials)
  • Civil society organizations (NGOs, unions, professional associations)
  • Media (public media, journalists,professional associations)
  • Business sector (enterprises, business people)
  • Public persons (artists, athletes, actors/actresses, singers, politicians)

The winners of the “Award for fight against discrimination” for outstanding contribution to fight against discrimination in 2014 are:

  • Public authority – Department for Public Order and Peace of the Police Department of the City of Belgrade – Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia
  • Civil society organizations – Humanitarian Law Centre
  • Media- The Morning Show of Radio Television of Vojvodina
  • Business sector – Mirko Milićević (Dosije studio d.o.o.)
  • Public persons - Ljubomir Živkov

The Coalition against Discrimination are: Center for Advanced Legal Studies, Civil Rights Defenders, Labris - organization for lesbian human rights, CHRIS - Network of Committees for Human Rights, Association of Students with Disabilities, Gayten LGBT, PRAXIS and Regional Centre for Minorities.

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