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Monday, 31 March 2014

Beneficiaries of Temporary Fee Need to Report to National Employment Service Once a Month

The Instruction of the National Employment Service (NES) on deadlines and manner of reporting of beneficiaries of NES temporary fee as of 3 March 2014 provides for the obligation of the beneficiaries to report to NES branches once a moth, except from beneficiaries from the territory of Municipalities of Gora and Prizren who need to report every 45 days.

When reporting to NES, a beneficiary is obliged to provide the ID card or any other identification document and employment booklet. If the beneficiaries fail to report to NES branches within the prescribed deadlines or if they do not have necessary documents, they will be deleted from the records of beneficiaries and the payment of their temporary fee will be suspended.   

The adoption of this act endangered the right to temporary fee for the beneficiaries who left their employment booklets in Kosovo and for all those who, for any other reason, do not have employment booklets and did not obtain their copies. Specifically, the Rules on Employment Booklet prescribe that employment booklets are issued on the basis of the place of permanent residence. Having in mind that NES Instruction envisages that in case the beneficiaries do not have employment booklets when reporting, the NES provides for additional deadline of only three days, and the fact that travelling to the place of permanent residence may be the financial and safety problem for many internally displaced persons, it is obvious that owing to this Instruction a significant number of temporary fee beneficiaries may be deleted from the records.

With an aim to solve the problem, a meeting was held in Kraljevo gathering the representatives of NES and Office for Kosovo and Metohija at which it was agreed that NES official would record all displaced persons unable to obtain employment booklets and contact the persons working in KiM municipalities who are responsible for issuance of employment booklets. However, there is yet no data on whether the competent institutions in other parts of Serbia have recognized the problem and taken any activities to solve it.

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