Thursday, 8 August 2013

Municipal Housing Agency in Kraljevo Sues Internally Displaced Persons

Public Enterprise Municipal Housing Agency in Kraljevo sued 33 families who live in social housing apartments in Kraljevo, requesting that they move out. The apartments were built through a donation of the organization HELP - Hilfe Zur Selbsthilfe e.V. – Mission in the Republic of Serbia, the beneficiary being Kraljevo City Administration, which transferred the right to manage these apartments to the Municipal Housing Agency in Kraljevo through a separate contract.

After the expiry of the three-year deadline during which internally displaced persons, former residents of collective centres, lived in social housing apartments in Kraljevo for free, the Municipal Housing Agency prescribed that the beneficiaries of these apartments must provide minimum 75 euros (in RSD equivalent) per household member. At the same time, the contracts offered to the beneficiaries by the Municipal Housing Agency envisage a monthly obligation of paying the rental in the amount of 1.20 euros per square meter. Having in mind that certain number of the beneficiaries do not generate any income or are retired, beneficiaries of social welfare or receive temporary compensation for unemployed persons from Kosovo, the fulfillment of contractual obligations is unattainable for many of them.

As a result of highly unfavourable conditions for extending the contracts which the residents of social housing apartments cannot fulfil, they are left without legal basis of housing and are facing a lawsuit before Basic Court in Kraljevo, being requested to move out.

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