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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Praxis at School for Human Rights Defenders

On 11-12 April 2016, we visited Civil Rights Defenders School and held lectures in Belgrade and Nis. We presented our activities and experience to the attendees, mostly students of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Law Faculty and other related  faculties, with special reference to protection of Roma, combat against discrimination and protection of migrants and refugees.  

Using the concrete examples from practice, we talked about the problems faced by Roma women and men in the procedures for birth registration and acquisition of citizenship. During the interactive lectures, special attention was paid to the problem of legally invisible persons, who cannot access the basic human rights because of the lack of personal documents. We discussed the cases that clarify the access to the rights to health care, social protection, housing and education. We presented the concept of discrimination and the right to equality, as well as the available mechanisms to combat discrimination.

The future generation of human rights defenders was given an opportunity to hear how the protection of basic human rights looks in practice, what legal aid is, as well as about the importance of advocacy and awareness-raising in the process of creating a better and more equal society.


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