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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Fine for Not Possessing ID Card

The Misdemeanor Court in Belgrade rendered a judgement sentencing C. M. to a fine of 6,000 RSD for not possessing the ID card and for begging.

As stated in the judgement, C. M. was asking for charity the drivers of stopped vehicles in one Belgrade street, and therefore she was sentenced to the fine of 4,000 RSD. She was also reprimanded for living in Belgrade for a year without registered residence.

To obtain the ID card, C. M. needs to register permanent residence in Belgrade or travel to the place where she has permanent residence registered. C. M. is unemployed, divorced and has seven children and no financial means to travel to the place of permanent residence. Given that she lives in an informal (cardboard) settlement in Belgrade, she cannot register permanent residence at that address and thus obtain the ID card.

In case of not paying the fine, the law envisages the replacement of fine with the term of imprisonment by converting each one thousand dinars into one day of imprisonment. To appeal against the judgement within the period of 8 days, it is necessary to enclose evidence proving that administrative fine in the amount of 900 RSD has been paid.

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