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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Primary School “Dragojlo Dudic” from Belgrade Actively Contributes to Inclusion of Roma Children in the Educational System

With an aim to agree on activities that should be taken for the provision of financial, medical, legal and other assistance for three pupils of Roma nationality attending the Primary School “Dragojlo Dudic” in Belgrade, upon the initiative of the headmaster, employees of the school (psychologist, pedagogue, headmaster) had a meeting with the representatives of Social Welfare Centre Zvezdara and Praxis, Roma coordinator and health mediator in charge of the Municipality of Zvezdara,. Two pupils live in foster families and the third is legally invisible, i.e. not registered in birth registry book.

Since the enrollment of the pupils of Roma nationality in the Primary School “Dragojlo Dudic”, the employees have undertaken active measures for their care and inclusion in the educational system: they organized collecting of clothes and financial assistance for ensuring regular meals, health care was provided by organizing medical examinations for children and obtaining necessary medicaments and other medical devices, and families in which the pupils live were regularly visited for providing psychosocial support.

It was agreed in the meeting that everyone, in accordance with their mandate and competencies, should take some steps in order to provide necessary assistance to the pupils. After the meeting, the participants visited the families of the pupils in order to have an insight into their living conditions and gather additional information for provision of necessary assistance. The very initiative of the headmaster of the Primary School “Dragojlo Dudic” is an affirmative image of responsible persons’ treatment of the members of marginalized social groups and should be an impetus for other schools too.

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