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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Registration of Permanent Residence at the Address of Social Welfare Centre Novi Beograd – Unlawful Acting

Praxis’ lawyer, as the proxy of S.B., has tried to initiate the procedure for the registration of permanent residence at the address of the Social Welfare Centre (SWS) Novi Beograd, based on the possibility envisaged by the Law on Permanent and Temporary Residence of Citizens. On that occasion, the employee of SWC Novi Beograd rejected in words to act upon the request of the client explaining her standpoint by the lack of precise instructions on the manner of acting in the concerned situation. Insisting of the Praxis’ lawyer that SWC employee should act in accordance with the law, and receive and file the request in the official register was fruitless. By this unlawful acting, the employee deprived the client from exercising the right to permanent residence guaranteed by the law.

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